We advise the real estate industry in connection with the development of real estate projects, the transfer of commercial and residential properties, as well as in rental and construction matters and disputes about this.

Commercial property

  • Transaction advice connected with acquisition and sale
  • Legal conveyancing of acquisitions and sale
  • Legal due diligence
  • Financing
  • Tenancy matters, commercial and domestic
  • Tenants pre-emption rights

Agricultural property

  • Purchase and sale
  • Pre-emption rights
  • Legal conveyancing of acquisitions and sale
  • Legal due diligence
  • Financing

Tenancy law

We advise landlords on tenancy law in regard to both commercial and residential tenancies.

Based on our extensive work over many years in this area of the law we have achieved a considerable level of expertise in the drafting of rental contracts and the construction and application of the relevant regulations.

A section of our areas of expertise:

  • Right of assignment and sublease law
  • Drafting and completion of commercial lease agreements
  • Rent control and rent regulations
  • Rescission and termination of lease agreements
  • Dispute resolution


We have experience providing advice within every area of construction, whether public and private projects.We advise professional and private contractors, owners’ associations, housing cooperatives, developers, consultants, suppliers of building materials and other suppliers on every kind of contract and dispute pertaining to constructions.Furthermore, we advise on financing and security. We contribute with our expertise within all the legal construction issues, including:

  • Negotiation of construction contracts (including agreed documents such as AB92, ABT93, FIDIC among others)
  • Agreements with subcontractors and suppliers
  • Framework and development agreements
  • Technical advisor agreements (ABR89)
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Terms and conditions of sale and delivery
  • Continuous guidance during construction of projects
  • Litigation and arbitration cases, experts reports and specialized
  • International disputes