Jacob Forman

Attorney (L), Partner

Jacob Forman is a previously trained car mechanic and has since been a long-distance driver, only to then train as a lawyer. Jacob became a lawyer on commission in 1995 and in 2004 he was given the right to appear before the High Court and is appointed by the Ministry of Justice. Jacob specializes in the haulage industry and always leads cases based on his extensive knowledge in the field of mechanics, insight into the everyday life of drivers and his 30 years of experience as a lawyer. Jacob Forman is also an expert in special criminal law, traffic criminal law, cases of violation of heavy vehicle legislation, including driving / rest time, special transport, transport of dangerous goods, cabotage, permits and cases of technical deficiencies. In addition, Jacob Forman has strong opinions in the field, and is most often expressed in the form of published articles.


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